Your children - our precious gests are at their best to have fun and frolic with the Video Games, Giant Wheel, Swimming Pirate Boat, Well designed Swimming Pools, Water Falls, Water Slides, Bumping Cars, Dinosaur’s Park, Birds Sanctuary….It’s fun all the way….And if your legs get tired, hop on the Road Train and go around the sprawling resort.

At Theme Park we provide the following facilities


Joy Rides like Super Trooper, Pyrate Boat, Bumping Cars, Road Train


Water Games like Elephent Slide, Water Falls, Swimming Pool and Boat Shire


Dinosaur’s Park

some special Attractions of our Theme Park


Video Games

Catch up with the latest in electronics (fun your way digitally)

Pirate Boat

Sail in the sky

Super Trooper

Soar high to a definite altitude

Bumping Cars

No traffic rules….bump other cars without getting caught

Road Train

Shift your train from track to road

Horse Carriage

Ride your way through the kingdom of rest, relaxation and recreation

Water Games


Relive the sensation

Water slides

For the old 'young at heart' and the young

Birds Sanctuary

Adapt yourself to the melodious tune of nature

Dinosaur’s Park

Birds Sanctuary

A place of delight and rest for children and elders too

Green House

Counter the negative effects of ozone layer in the midst of abundant greenary

  Hurry Up.. Hurry Up..
Karthika Masam
Special Descount Packages availabe.
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