An unique theme restaurant where Andhra traditional food with 26 varieties is  Served leisurely – with warmth  and affection one after the other, unlike the normal all – varieties-at-a-time serving routine. The ambience created, with an elderly lady (Pedarasi Peddamma) explaining the facilities at VHIL while consuming sumptnous Andhra food sitting on floor with serves attired in traditional costumes,  in the midst of greenery gives one the nostalgic feeling which has no parallel in India – Reminiscing our traditional  yore when the ruler of the land was served food during those information – gathering rounds to obtain information about his kingdom.

    The Menu

Jal Zeera, 2 sweets (Boore, Chakkera Pongali, Bobbatlu, Payasam etc).


Dibbarotte, Bobbarla Attu


Honey, a piece of Jaggery, ullikaram, Gongura chinthakaya pacchadi, pulihora, perugu, Aavada, Muddhapappu, Gummadikaaya Vadiyalu, Oormirapakayalu, Pesara Appadalu, kaarappodi


Vankaya Pacchipulusu, Dhappalam, Onion, Chilli, 2 varieties of curries.


Ghee, salt, curd & for drinking butter milk mixed with ginger, curry leaves, salt & sonti.


Any fruit (Banana or Mango etc)



This Package includes Free enterance to the Theme Park, a ride on Horse to the venue their Sumptuous launch and also a suprise gift while leaving.

  Hurry Up.. Hurry Up..
Karthika Masam
Special Descount Packages availabe.
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