Vuma Publications established in 1954 has successfully diversified into ‘Vuma Chit Funds’, ‘Vuma Maheswara Finvest’ and finally Vuma Resorts in 1997, with Mr K. Umamaheswarudu (Industrialist).

Managing Director

Vuma Resorts India Ltd.

Managing Director

Sai Vuma Chit Fund Company Pvt. Ltd.


Bharatiya Vidya Peetham

As chairman and Mr K. Prakasham as Managing Director, Mr Sri Rama Chandra Murthy as a Director.

Our Vision

Realizing the need for relaxation and the importance of recreation, Vuma Resorts is going all out to satisfy the entertainment needs. Pioneers of the time-sharing concept & in this part of the world, Vuma Resorts is now an ideal conventional centre offering solutions to all the entertainment  and corporate needs.

  Hurry Up.. Hurry Up..
Karthika Masam
Special Descount Packages availabe.
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